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Welcome to storytelling, Japanese-style. Whether you crave the action of shonen, the nostalgia of kodomomuke, or the raw power of mecha, you will be transported to a whole other set of worlds. This is Anime. 

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Whether you want to sit back and enjoy a fresh bowl of ramen or want to go on an adventure our 100% officially licensed anime collection has everything you need to get you on your way!

Dragon Ball Z

What more do you need when fighting a tournament of battles than some officially licensed merchandise? Okay, perhaps a Spirit Bomb and a monkey's tail, but we can't all be Goku. It would be exhausting, and not nearly as much fun as buying the t-shirt.

Cowboy Bebop

Look the part and join everyone’s favourite crew of space bounty hunters! If you're lucky you might even get a bounty or two...

Jump into hyperspace with this dedicated collection!


After a hard day avenging wrongs, what better way to unwind than browsing for merchandise as sharp as an Akatsuki's sword? So, grab a bowl of ramen and tuck into the world of Naruto.


Five words Giant war robots? On socks? Enough said!