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Awaken your inner superhero...or super villain

Welcome to the DC Universe.

From the issue of the very first comic book in 1937, introducing Superman to the world, to now having over 10,000 characters. It really is home of the World's Greatest Super Heros!


When you think of The Cape Crusader what comes to mind? Wealth, physical strength, intelligence and or the tons of really cool gadgets? We might not have all the crazy gadgets but we do have a cool range of Batman gear!

Wonder Woman

Diana has stood for nearly eighty years as a symbol of truth, justice and equality to people everywhere, not to mention she is also an Amazonian Princess.

What does every Princess need? A tiara of course!

Harley Quinn

We all have a bit of craziness inside of us, am I right? Nothing says crazy like the psychiatric intern at Arkham Asylum, turned the Clown Queen of Crime.

She is one of the greats, so she deserves her very own dedicated collection!

What are you waiting for puddin?

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